22Oct 2020

MS Dhoni Career Statistics

MS Dhoni Statistics

Former India cricket captain MS Dhoni announced on Sunday, leaving the match at age 35, leaving an indelible mark on the sport. But, it is only fair to state that this isn't an entirely satisfactory end for the legendary player. The fact he finished his playing career on such a high note leaves Dhoni fans wondering how far they can go.

MS Dhoni was a legend in his own right and his leadership qualities have always been recognized by the Indian cricket board. Over the last few years, MS Dhoni created a plethora of records together with his captaincy, which is something which each fan of cricket ought to be happy about.

In terms of wins, Dhoni directed his team to success in more than 40 percent of matches that's very impressive. But, his listing of defeats is much less and that has caused some to wonder whether this is a result of poor performance by the group. As the year comes to a close, it's apparent that the lack of wins against top teams have been down to Dhoni and don't have anything to do with the group .

Through time, MS Dhoni has been a great contributor to the group and the success they have had during the entire year has made him even more of a legend. The numbers do not lie and the statistics are clear evidence of this. From his record of wins to his record of wins against top teams, you will see a consistent pattern of success. MS Dhoni Stats has never had to take care of the pressure of being a captain of a group and he's managed to keep the group consistent with the type of performances which have made him a legend at the world of cricket.

Another statistic that gives us a glimpse into the brain of Dhoni is that the fact he has managed to lead the side to victories in a record amount of Tests, which is the second highest number for any player to have played under the Indian flag. There were a variety of notable players who managed to win greater Tests but none were able to match the amount one. Dhoni.

The other key reason why the statistics of MS Dhoni are so important is due to the way he captains his side. When we examine his achievements through time, we will discover that he is an exceptional manager and that has given the team the best possible chance to win the game and beat their opponents. He takes control when things begin to go wrong and isn't scared to take risks so as to help the team perform well.

Another statistic that tells us about the consequences of MS Dhoni is his success rate in ODIs. For almost any other player this might appear an impossible feat, but it isn't the case with Dhoni. Over his tenure in India, he has managed to win 90 percent of his games, which is a really impressive figure.

The only thing that does hold Dhoni back from being a good all time participant is his record at T20s, where he has won just five from thirty-one matches. Nonetheless, it's clear from these types of stats that Dhoni hasn't been afraid to make the hard choices that can help the team win in the long run.

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